VRCLens: VRChat Camera Extension for Desktop and VR

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VRCLens is a set of photographic extensions to the stock VRChat camera to be added on your avatar. It also supports desktop/2D mode, meaning you can take great photos without requiring a VR headset. Not only there is zooming and depth of field, there is also exposure compensation adjustment, including auto exposure. Also, a lot of the advanced features that do and do not exist in real digital cameras are implemented in VRCLens, allowing you to be able to take various kinds of photos and videos you envision for.

NOTE: The fees has gone up, so consider getting this for $11 to make up for it.
You don't have to right now and get it for $10, but I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

◇The latest version is 1.9.2◇
Older versions are available, but will not work correctly in VR, and version older than 1.7.9 will not work with VRCSDK3 2022. (3.0.8 in Creator Companion) or later


  • Official desktop/2D mode support
  • Exposure, Zoom, Aperture, and simulated sensor size adjustment
  • Various Picture Style presets with HDR and White Balance adjustment
  • Automatically adapts to Desktop and VR on one avatar
  • Image Stabilization with auto-straighten
  • Built-in drone movement with adjustable speed and tracking features
  • Selfie Autofocus: Automatically focus on your face without any focus point adjustment
  • Avatar-detect autofocus: Only focuses on the avatar and ignores the scenery
  • Stereographic 3D camera mode
  • Quick Selfie front camera mode
  • World-fixed and Avatar-fixed camera mode
  • Easy left-handed camera controls support
  • Viewfinder overlay for various features
  • Easy, automatic setup into avatar's existing animation
  • Uses touch pen to move focus point
  • Minimal performance impact on other players

Demo World

You can test out VRCLens before you buy by using the sample avatar from the VRCLens Demo World

*Due to a bug or quirks regarding VRChat's safety system involving cameras, if 2 or more players have the same VRCLens demo avatar, your camera will stop working. If so, rejoin or move to a new instance.
The actual product does not have this issue.

How to install and use

You can check out the Installation Tutorial docs and Usage Manual docs
(Usage manual isn't for the latest version, but functionalty is mostly unchanged)

Terms of Use (Rules)

■ The following terms apply to the latest version ■
Be sure to review the terms in the Readme file included with the Unitypackage.

  • Commercial usage, including usage in monetized videos or live streams is allowed.
  • Modification of VRCLens package is allowed.
  • Redistribution or resale, modified or not, is prohibited, regardless of being standalone or as part of an avatar.
  • Embedding this product into public avatars, including for avatar worlds, is prohibited.
  • The copyright of VRCLens product belongs to Hirabiki.
  • The copyright of Avatars 3.0 Manager script included in VRCLens belongs to VRLabs, licensed under MIT license.
  • The creator is not responsible for any damages caused by using this product.

Third-party Credits

Avatars 3.0 Manager by VRLabs (MIT license)

EVILS tonemapper from Android Open Source Project's Filament PBR engine (Apache License, Version 2.0)

Depth of Field shader based on Dennis Gustafsson's single-pass DoF shader.

Have any issues?

If you have any issues installing or using this product, you can contact me via one of the following channels:

Discord: hirabiki#9902 (Preferred. Friend Request is not necessary.)
Twitter: @Hibihira_Mii
VRChat: hirabiki

I want this!

Full VRCLens Unity prefab

Min. Expression Parameters
24 bits
Min. GPU requirements
GTX 1660
Materials slots
Platform support
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VRCLens: VRChat Camera Extension for Desktop and VR

268 ratings
I want this!